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We're back! with a lot of new exciting things to tell you, and even more exciting things to expect.

Let's start off with what you all were waiting for, fixing the unbalanced economy and exp gain...
We've changed into our OWN custom enchantments plugin, which will be editted along the road to our likings, except changes, nerfs, buffs, untill we find the sweetspot to suit us all.

On top of that, to avoid the mass gain of spawners.... THEY'RE NO LONGER SELLABLE.
The only way to obtain spawners is our new KoTH system. every 3 hours, with more than 20 players online, a KoTH with 50% chance to drop a spawner will happen. GET YOUR PVP ON!

To wrap up the balance, we finish up with a bit of farming nerf, to avoid getting too much cash onto your hands.
Don't worry, it's still possible!

At the moment, the nether is LOCKED UP. It'll feature a brand new nether soon, with more KoTH events to allow you gain more spawners, bigger variety of them, and just another world for you to explore.

As to the end, we've just went with a plain 8block deep endstone and a bedrock at the bottom.
New world borders: 20000x20000 overworld, 5000x5000 end, and nether.... Soon :)

We'll focus around pvp. Expect more features and updates, fresh new nether, duel plugin, and more.


Keep posted.

And a link to the new enchantments wiki : http://aerionraids.net/forums/index.php?threads/custom-enchantments-wiki.227/
Hi everyone,

Recently I have noticed that some players have been getting away with hacking for quite some time before getting reported to the staff team and banned. To counter this, I have been making improvements to our Anti-cheat, and also, implementing an instant ban feature for hackers.

Our core anti-cheat plugin, NoCheatPlus, has been known to lack understanding in multiple plugins. AerionRaids have now installed a patch plugin which will now more accurately prevent the following hacks;
  • ScaffoldWalk
  • Tower
  • Derp
  • Criticals
  • Auto BedDestroy
  • Teleport
  • Aimbot
  • KillAura
  • Speed
  • LongJump
  • Step
Automatic bans will now be issued for hacking. If you are banned falsely by the Automatic Ban software, I will personally review your ban appeal to ensure either legitimacy or a fault.

If you are incurring more rubberbanding/lagback inform @Bumblewasp over the forums. Messages in-game will not lodge a proper investigation.

Unfortunately, we had our first emergency downtime this morning. This was due to the malfunctioning of a vital plugin. The server was closed to prevent damage while this plugin was un-operational.

Our development team have now restored the server to its original state, we would've liked to have fixed this earlier, but none of our team wake up at 5 AM :p

Should you find any unusual changes when you re-connect to the server, create a private message with @Bumblewasp, @Extravadance and, @Runechief. Once again, AerionRaids apologise for this inconvenience.

Many thanks,


We realized the nerf was good, but too late. Economy is already broken beyond fix. But not to worry, you won't come empty handed out of the reset!

Pre reset:
Just to reward the good ol' players, we'll give out 30$ buycraft voucher to the top 5 factions

Post reset:
We're going HARD.
Chests will be OPENABLE in enemy territory! guard your bases better. Tnt better. Play better.
Custom enchants will be HARDER to get, and more rewarding! KoTH with more rewards, less often.
Economy will be harder too! everyone will struggle getting their hands on the first spawners..... START OFF FARMING LAZY ASSES! Canes, warts, pumpkins, cactus.... all will be boosted to help you guys start up and actually enjoy
WEEKLY UPDATES! we'll follow up on your suggestions, and update the server weekly with custom plugins, events and items as the community wishes.

Some sweets to make the reset easier for you guys:
Short 80% off sale on buycraft for you guys to start over powerful than ever!
Reset kit featuring some onetime items ONLY for the veterens!

first season will start with a moderate 100$ prize in PP for the winner, and prizes will grow over seasons.
There has been many complaints about the server just being too op. New players just can't pvp atm. to counter this we've done multiple changes and hoping economy and pvp fixes itself over time.
- Donor kits now have a longer cooldown (1.5 days)
- Daily xp is nerfed
- Default kits remained same cooldown but now it's MUCH weaker ( mainly iron )
- In harmony with default kit nerf, diamond price in general has been jacked up
- Removed godapples from ALL kits, and jacked gold price up. Nobody likes godapples, am I right?

PVP Balancing
Pvp has been unbalanced, on top of axes being too strong, swords were just not used anymore.
A few changes came into place here aswell
- Axes is still stronger than swords, but only lategame. The boost now takes more levels to get, will only be stronger than swords past lvl 500.
- Axes armor breaking has been BUFFED, but again, only lategame. We want to give axes other uses than just to kill, should be used in harmony with swords
- Swords now have HIGHER dmg buff, but still weaker than axes lategame. (To solve that, there's another surprise later in changes)
- Swords bleed has lower chance to prevent annoyance, but counterattack was buffed, and chance increased. USE BLOCK IN COMBAT! IT'S NOT JUST SPAM M1!

New Releases
A few things were needed to be added to make the game a bit smoother for users.
- The surprise.... New custom enchant, DoubleDamage (info in /enchantments legendary) to buff swords dmg
- Withdraw (finally) Players can now /withdraw money and pass it off.
- F vault! To go with the withdraw, every faction now has 1 vault (/f vault 1 to open). To get this, either disband and reopen your faction or ask any admin online for it.

Fixes and improvements:
Just general long time due improvements
- Modded the server a lot. Should make lagspikes WAY less frequent and help the game run smoothly.
- Cannons now work as they used to back in 1.7.... THANK GOD, raiding is...
Hello All,

A rather interesting update has hit us today!

I've noticed that our ranks have kinda felt blandish so today I deiced to switch things up a little bit. This is a one time thing and will not happen again to avoid confusion.

Member's prefixes are now red!
VIP's prefixes are now dark green!
Major's prefix is now [Oracle] and is a light blue!
Master's prefix is now a light blue! prefix is now [Hero] and is aqua!
Mythic's prefix is now [Immortal] and is a dark blue!

The Divine rank is still [Divine] but the color is now Bold Aqua with the "I's" in the rank spinning yellow.